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campus meetingThis programme aims at reaching out to college students, forming them as leaders and thus making them capable of bearing everlasting fruit of the Spirit all circumstances.  Since they are in the growing process of forming an attitude towards life, it is the apt time to encourage them to encounter God in a personal way and develop constant companionship with Jesus.  It aims at moulding generations and helping students to be intellectually alert, spiritually dynamic and socially responsible. The other goals of this include the wholesome development of the individual through cells, fellowships, discovering of one's potential, and evangelisation. Our team of full time workers visits various Colleges every day and conduct fellowship once a week. This not only brings in new sheep to the fold but also serves in bringing about a constant spiritual growth. So that they can rise up with unquenchable fire for God and see spiritual fruits in their lives. If you want to be a part of our campus fellowship or start a fellowship in your college please contact us at info@urym.org


exam prayersExam times are usually filled with fear and confusion. Students are gathered and specifically prayed for to overcome their examination fear and to come out with flying colors.  As we minister to their innermost fear it serves as an opportunity to open up the hearts of unbelievers who have never heard the gospel, to know the truth and many have willingly accepted Christ as their personal savior. Instead of temporary relief from exam tension they go out with joy, saved for eternity.  

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Life could be hectic with work, targets, and stress. Many young professional find it difficult to cope up and as a result, intimacy with Jesus takes a second seat. This constant complaint echoed from all the URYMers who passed out from college and started working to pursue secular careers. This stirred us to give special focus on the working young executives to help find a balance between work and intimacy with Jesus leading to the creation of a separate wing in the ministry

Tea House Fellowship

Every month  many executives from different organization gather regularly for a time of fellowship and prayer.

Corporate Transition Network

This programme is designed especially for people working in corporate sector, to shine for God in their Respective fields.click to join.

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imageThe young people living in the same locality or area gather together for a time of prayer and fellowship. It is an Area spiritual development programme which focuses on the spiritual upliftment of the neighborhood. The URYMers evangelize their area for Christ starting with Family members, Friends, Neighbors.
This helps them to stay connected to the mission. 
To find out about the fellowship near your area contact us at info@urym.com

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meeting The backbone of URYM which supports and strengthens all the other initiatives and endeavors is the power of Intercession. An intercessory prayer is conducted every Saturday at URYM Headquarters where students from different colleges gather to stand in the gap for our Nation, breaking its yokes and bring down God’s revival. As these young hearts burdened for perishing millions intercede it becomes a hell shaking experience.  

Join us on every Saturday for
Intercession prayer :
Girls : 10 - 4pm
Boys : 4 - 8pm
Venue : #134-A, Kuttiappan St,
kilpauk, Chennai-10.

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soldiersS F C is a vision from God to rise up a prayer Army .Young warriors of URYM form a prayer chain to battle against the powers of darkness, and their weapon is not a sword but their bent knees. This powerful bondage breaker meet happens every month 4th Saturday. The URYMers continuously wage war against any tower that stands in the way to plunder hell and fill God’s Kingdom.

If you have any prayer points please click here or SMS to 9941009133/ 134 More than 1000 people are praying for your prayer points.

Join us on 4th Saturday for SFC :
Girls : 10 - 4pm
Boys : 4 - 8pm
Venue : #134-A, Kuttiappan St,
kilpauk, Chennai-10.

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Ablaze Camp

camp“ABLAZE” True to its name this discipleship camp conducted annually not only gives one a reason to take a break from the hot sun to chill on the cool hills of Elagiri but the campers are ablazed in the presence of the Lord which musters them to do greater things for him. It is a power packed Camp through which many preachers, worship leaders and missionaries have gone forth to serve the Almighty God! For more details check out www.urymablaze.co.cc

Leadership Training Camps

leadershipCall! Equip! Send! URYM’s vision revolves around these three pillars which empowers the aspiring college leaders with real passion and skill to build the kingdom of God. This camp also grooms these young leaders on personality development leadership work-shops and seminars to develop Leadership traits in them. Young and regenerated leaders are made and moulded by the power of the Holy Spirit to do effective evangelism.

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retreatURYM conducts regular retreats for the college students. In these retreats, hearts are touched and strengthened to work for the extension of God’s Kingdom.

ILJA: I live for Jesus Alone

ILJA was started inspired by the “passing the mantle” concept from the bible. Every year the college leaders who are completing their final year gather their juniors to train and equip them to continue the campus fellowship. These next generation of leaders continue the legacy of bringing many of their college mates into Christ and take care of fellowship activities in their campus.  

Day Away

Regular Day Away takes place once in six months for each college. This has been a refreshing event through which lives have been challenged and transformed to live for Jesus Christ

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