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Career Guidance
In this highly competitive world, unless a person is properly gear up to face the challenges of this world he/ she cannot shine! Hence we give career guidance to students who need clarity and guidance to plan their future and to progress in life.

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songsToday’s youngsters are lost in sin, their hearts are broken and hopes shattered; they continue to live in fear not knowing what the future beholds!
With this burden URYM began its counseling centre to help the youth find a way out of all their problems and succeed in life through the hope that Jesus gives ! We have 24 hour telephone counseling, online counseling through e-mails and also personal meetings with counselors at our office.

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musicURYM believes in the power of music as medium to reach young minds and find an easy way into their hearts. But we also believe that only when it is anointed with the power of the Holy Ghost does it break yokes. URYM’s exclusive production, “Only you” still touches lives. The latest “Umakkagavae” which is a mixture of Tamil and English songs was released with the same desire to transform lives. The URYM worship band regularly conducts music concerts to attract youth toward Jesus using Music as a channel.

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alpha courseYouth Alpha is an effective tool for evangelism specially designed for unbelievers and new Christians. This course includes 11 innovative talks. It is conducted in every college to lay a strong foundation for every student to have a personal relationship with JESUS! To know more log on to www.alpha.org

School Ministry

Not to leave the next generation of youth from its vision list, URYM prayerfully reaches children and teens of various schools by conducting prayer meetings and organizing film shows

Films Shows

This serves as a powerful visual aid that tears open the veil that has blinded the eyes of young people from knowing Jesus as their Redeemer! Many thought provoking Christian movies are showed to open their minds to receive the truth.

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We have a mini library with a wide range of books. Students make use of these books and are spiritually enriched

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village ministryIndia lives in its villages! 70% of India’s population lives in 550000 Villages and most of them don’t even know about Jesus. URYM  ‘Outreach Team’ reaches out to these villages to share the good News about Jesus through various programmes like Skit, Dance, Choreography, film show and lively village Folk songs (villupaatu).Our Mission is to turns the villagers into ardent followers of Christ Jesus.


meetingDaily bible verses and prayer points are sent to 1000’s of people across INDIA by the URYM Volunteers, This network acts as a constant reminder of God’s love and as an energizer to the weary soul getting them rooted in Christ.

Do you want to be in the SMS network, please send in your request to phone_icons 9941009133.
For national SMS phone_icons 9941009126, phone_icons 9941009134

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